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Louisiana Tech University Engineering & Business Grad Exits Software Company and Retires before the Age of 35

Says she owes it to LA Tech University for building the foundation she needed to advance in the industryAlane Boyd, alumni of Louisiana Tech University


“If more people knew about the amazing things Louisiana Tech University does, every parent would want their child to be a Bulldog!” – Alane Boyd

Alane Boyd graduated in 2006 with a double major in Construction Engineering Technology, and Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Louisiana Tech University. Graduating only 12 years ago, she is celebrating her recent exit of her software company. She credits her education and experiences at Louisiana Tech University, and specifically the university’s Trenchless Technology Center, for the foundation to her success.

She can vividly remember the professors and classes that made an impact on her life and future successes. “I went into engineering because I loved math. I luckily had the confidence to dive right in. My professors were amazing! Specifically Dr. Saber, who is no longer with LA Tech University, and Dr. Sterling, now the faculty emeritus for the Trenchless Technology Center. They were always informing me of scholarships and opportunities that would allow me to further my career. In fact, I was offered a position in the engineering field before I even graduated because of the introductions they made for me.”

Boyd found her way to San Diego and began working with business partner Micah Johnson. After almost a decade in San Diego, they decided they needed a more centrally located office for their many eastern clients. Remembering her love for Ruston and Louisiana Tech University, they settled on Cookeville, Tennessee, home of Tennessee Tech University.

“It is amazing how many LA Tech alumni I run into in Cookeville. I currently serve on the Impact Leadership’s board of directors with Mark Hutchins. He is a fellow LA Tech alumni and an entrepreneur who owns Ekamor. When we are not discussing business, we love reminiscing about our time in Ruston and at Louisiana Tech.”

The University requires you to take a basic software coding class as part of the engineering curriculum. This basic coding class ended up giving Boyd the knowledge to troubleshoot everything from HTML in email marketing to designing mock-ups for proposals with Google Chrome’s developer tools.


“Every piece of knowledge I gained in my college years has been executed into my career. I am very thankful for my decision to choose Louisiana Tech over all other options.”


Boyd is far from taking it easy. She has begun two new startups, (coming soon) and She is also guest speaking and hosting seminars to help other business owners, especially women, successfully grow their companies and even develop software themselves. “I joke that I am retired now, but I am far from retirement. I’ve also become the director of the nonprofit 100 Girls of Code, which empowers females to go into STEM. I’m extremely passionate about getting women interested in the world of STEM. When I was in my engineering classes, I was often the only female.”

100 Girls of Code offers free workshops for girls 10-18 years old. These workshops involve fun, relevant activities that display what a career in STEM could be like. “Although I never became an engineer after graduating from LA Tech, I took my education in engineering and entrepreneurship and started my first small company, where I represented equipment manufacturers. I then would sell equipment to contractors, municipalities, and engineering firms. I want to educate females about the many careers available in the STEM industry!”

The great thing about technology now is that people can work for amazing companies while being remote. They can live in wonderful towns like Ruston, Louisiana, and work from home and still make a very nice living for themselves.



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About HeartMindSoul+Me:
HeartMindSoul+Me was created to bring together products to inspire us. These products are from Alane, herself, businesses she has mentored, and businesses she believes make a positive influence on this lifetime. For additional information, you can email Website launching January 2019 at

About 100 Girls of Code:
100 Girls of Code is a national, non-profit organization working to achieve gender parity in STEM fields by introducing more young women to software and engineering. We seek to inspire more females to pursue a future in STEM by providing young women an opportunity to create and gain confidence in their abilities to create within this field. For additional information, visit the nonprofit’s website: or email

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