Launching in 24

Alane has repeatedly helped business owners that were struggling with how to execute on their ideas. One of her favorite quotes to use with business owners is, “All of your ideas are wasting your time if you’re never able to execute them.” In her “24” process, she goes through her formula for launching a product in 24 hours and then perfecting it in 24 steps. She breaks down how to do everything from start to finish and explains that it doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult when first starting out. Your goal is to get something out and start getting feedback then make changes for improvement. Alane’s straightforward and rational steps will help business owners start turning their product ideas into revenue.

Running and Scaling a Successful Tech Company

Alane knows that if you own a company, it doesn’t matter what it does: You have a technology in it. She has built, trained, and managed technical teams without being a technical founder. Alane shares her best strategies for building a modern, technical company structure and the mistakes to avoid. Alane’s unique and practical lessons will help business owners, managers, and sales and technical teams take their businesses to the next level.

Alane's Story: From lost and miserable to happy and retired at 35

After merging her company with a competitor’s and staying with the company for almost two more years, Alane had completely lost herself and was struggling with depression. Even her physical health was being affected. She went through the process of “What do I have to lose?” and quit working for the company. That is when everything turned around: She sold her shares and was able to retire before turning 35 years old. Alane tells her story in order to reveal that suffering and unhappiness means you are already losing everything. Change your environment, and you can change your happiness. Amazing things will happen.

Empowering Girls in Stem

Alane was lucky that she continued stumbling into STEM classes and a STEM career that eventually led her to sell her software company and start several other technology companies. Her love of math and science kept her interested in taking more classes in college, where she earned an engineering degree. A lot of young girls, unfortunately, do not follow the same path and end up avoiding science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers. Alane shares ways we can keep them engaged from a young age by exposing them to the entire STEM world.